7 Ways To Continue Doing Business From A Facility Despite Commercial Construction Work

One of the biggest obstacles to carrying out commercial construction work is having to temporarily shut down a business facility. Shutting down any of your facilities for construction work might cut into your revenues and therefore profits.

However, with a little resourcefulness and careful planning, you may be able to continue to conduct business from a facility even while you have commercial construction work going on. The following are seven ways to continue doing business from a facility despite commercial construction work. 

Plan construction work during the off-hours

Depending on the hours of operation of your business facility, you might be able to plan construction work outside of business hours. Of course, you may have to work this out with your commercial construction contractor to make sure the contractor is willing to work outside of normal business hours. 

Put in some added ventilation features

For most construction projects, you're going to need to add some ventilation features if you want to carry out business while construction work is going on. This will ensure that commercial construction work isn't compromising air quality in facilities you're using for everyday business operations. 

Install sound insulating features

Commercial construction can be noisy. You don't want noise interfering with your business operations, so you also might need to invest in sound insulation. That way, workers and customers can hear each other at your business facilities. 

Do a thorough safety audit

Of course, safety has to be a priority if you continue doing business while your commercial construction project progresses. Conduct a safety audit and be sure to make note of all the possible hazards that need to be accounted for.  

For instance, look out for tripping hazards and make sure you get rid of them or place warnings around them to avoid injury. Also, cover up electrical cords and restrict access to heavy construction equipment to keep your worksites and business facility safe. 

Provide incentives to customers

Construction work at your commercial facilities might create some inconveniences for your customers. However, you may be able to make up for this if you provide incentives for your customers to come in and do business with you despite the construction work.

Offer special rates and discounts to customers who do business with you during your construction project. This might make it so that you'll be less likely to lose business because of inconveniences caused by the construction work. 

Equip your staff with the necessary PPE

You might need to offer your staff members some additional PPE if they'll be working at your site as construction work is carried out.

For example, staff might need earplugs to block out the noise or ventilation masks to ensure that they're breathing in healthy air while working at your business facility during construction work. 

Discuss the issue with your staff and commercial construction contractor

If you want to keep your facility open for business during construction, you should discuss this with your staff and contractor. Your staff and contractor might have some helpful insights and suggestions for ways you can safely and productively keep your facility open for business during construction. Contact a commercial construction service to learn more.