How An Electrician Might Fix A Problem With A Breaker That Keeps Flipping Off

If you're suddenly tripping the breaker in your home, you'll want to understand why it's happening. If you've bought a new appliance, electronic device, or lamp, you might be overloading the circuit. Sometimes, a circuit tripping can indicate a problem that might eventually lead to a fire. It's best to call an electrician to check your electrical panel and wiring rather than keep resetting the breaker. Here are some ways the electrician may fix the problem.

Replace A Bad Circuit Breaker Or Wiring   

The problem might be with the circuit breaker. If it's bad, the electrical contractor can take it out and put in a new one of the same type. This might be all it takes to fix the problem unless something caused the breaker to go bad, such as a short. The electrician can test the new breaker to make sure it's working okay.

In addition, the contractor may need to check the wiring to make sure the insulation isn't gnawed off or the wiring has loose connections. The wiring may need to be replaced if it's damaged.

Add Another Circuit

If the electrician determines the circuit that keeps tripping is overloaded, they may recommend you add another circuit to your panel if there is space for one. This would allow you to move some things from the old circuit to the new one so the old one isn't overloaded.

If the panel is fairly old, it may not have space for a new circuit. In that case, the contractor might add a subpanel, but the best approach might be to get a bigger electrical panel so your home has plenty of circuits and room for expansion.

Putting in a new electrical panel is a pretty big expense, but if your home's electrical system is old and outdated, a new panel can improve electrical safety and eliminate the need for extension cords and power strips that let you overload a circuit and create a safety hazard.

Test The Appliance Or Light

If the problem started when you brought a new appliance or light home, the electrician might check the new appliance or light to see if it's shorted out. An electrician may not be able to repair a home appliance, but at least you'll know what the cause of your problem is so you can call an appliance repair person and get the situation fixed.

It's not uncommon for a breaker to trip off occasionally, but if it keeps tripping off after you reset it, that could be a sign something is wrong that needs attention from an electrician. If the breaker keeps flipping off, you should probably leave it off until a contractor can check it.