3 Possible Solutions For Failing Foundation Walls

If you have a house that you love, but the foundation has begun to crack and fail, you are probably feeling pretty overwhelmed. A failing foundation can let lots of water into the home, and that water can lead to mold, pest problems, and deteriorating structures. As the foundation shifts and collapses, other structural components, like walls and floors, may crack as well.

Should you abandon the home or simply accept that it will continue to deteriorate in the coming years? No! There are numerous ways to address a failing foundation; here are a few of them.

1. Have a new foundation dug.

If the foundation is in truly terrible shape, you could have a new foundation dug and poured, and then move the house to the new foundation. You would need to hire an excavation company to dig a new hole, and then a foundation-pouring company to pour the concrete. There are companies that specialize in relocating homes and have connections to provide all of these services. It's best to do this sooner, rather than later, when the other structures inside your home are still strong and in good shape.

2. Lift the home and repair the foundation.

Another option is to have the home jacked up while a contractor works on the existing foundation. They may need to do more excavation to expand the foundation and make it stronger, so it's better able to support the weight of your home. They may need to re-pour part or all of the foundation, too. This will be possible because the jacks are supporting the weight of the home rather than the foundation at this point. When the foundation is fully repaired and strong again, the home will be moved off the hacks and back onto the foundation.

3.  Have the cracks selectively repaired.

If the cracks are still pretty minor (perhaps they are letting in water but not yet affecting the structural Integrity of your home)  you may just be able to have the cracks filled with new concrete. A foundation repair specialist can do this work for you. They may need to chip away some of the loose concrete on the sides of the cracks before mixing a concrete solution and using it to fill the crack. They can then apply a waterproofing epoxy to keep additional water from seeping in through the repaired areas.

If your foundation has begun to deteriorate, do not ignore this problem. If you take care of the issue now you may be able to get away with just having the cracks filled, but if you wait much longer, you may also need to hire an excavating team to build a new foundation or extend your existing foundation.