2 Questions To Ask Landscapers About Snow Removal

If you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow, you know that you need to have some kind of snow removal plan in place so that you can get rid of all the snow. It may be more than you can handle, or you may just not want to mess with the snow at all. Luckily, there are ways that you can get the snow removed without having to do it yourself. You can contact a landscaper and see if they do snow removal. If they do, then there are some questions that you should ask. 

Trips Per Snow Event

You need to talk to the landscaper to see how many trips per snow event they are able to do. That can depend on how long the storm or event lasts, and how much snow you are projected to get. In a heavy snowstorm, you may end up with several inches of snow, and all that snow can be difficult to move if the landscaper waits until the end of the storm to clear the snow away. In a case like that, you might want to have the landscaper come out a few times over the storm's duration so that they can keep up with removal. 


Another thing that you need to find out is how you are going to pay for snow removal. Specifically, you need to find out if you are going to pay per removal or per each snowstorm or event. That will matter because, in large and heavy storms, the landscape company may come out multiple times to work on getting rid of the snow. This is so that they can keep up with it and not have so much snow that they have to remove at the end of the storm. Removing snow several times during a heavy storm is actually more efficient and helps make the final cleanup go much more quickly. Quick snow removal will let you get back out to your normal life more quickly as well. It is good to know what to expect in advance.

If you have snow that needs to be removed, then you need to find someone who can help you. A landscape company in your area may also be able to do snow removal. Just make sure that you spend some time talking to the landscape company before you make your final decision so that you have the most information possible.