Ways to Use the Acreage Associated with Your Custom Luxury Home

If you are building a custom luxury estate, then you have probably spent a lot of time focusing on the house itself. And indeed, there is a lot to think about, from the layout of the floor plan to the finish on the kitchen floor. However, you will also need to take the time to plan out a use for the acreage associated with the home. Here are some ideas and options to ponder.

A Rose Garden

One option is to turn some of your acreage into a rose garden. You can have paths placed through the garden and different species of roses planted in every corner. Surround the garden with a low picket fence for a quaint appeal, and have some benches added so visitors can stop and rest among the roses as they see fit. You could even incorporate some other beautiful flower bushes, such as hydrangeas or burning bushes.

A Tennis Court

Imagine if you were to have your own tennis courts in your own backyard. You could have friends visit for tournaments, and you would have an instant source of entertainment during family parties. Instead of just having the courts built, you could turn the acreage into a full tennis complex, complete with a bar, a viewing area, and maybe even a track for fitness.

Tree Groves

If you enjoy trees, another option is to use your acreage as a place to plant trees. You could plant little groves of different species of trees and erect a sign identifying each one. Not only will your friends enjoy visiting your tree groves, but you can invite the public to your land for educational purposes, too. You could even have a photographer come out every season and take pictures of the trees, creating a showcase of how they change as the temperature and weather change.


If there is enough land to do so, you could have a small golf course built on your acreage. Even if you can only fit in 3 or 4 holes, it is a nice option to have some practice space on your own property, and you can host small games with friends. Looking out your window to see a beautiful golf course is pretty exciting, too.

The options above are all good ways to use extra acreage on your luxury estate. Talk to your custom luxury home builder to learn more about acreage estate.