After Your Modular Home Is Constructed: What Comes Next?

When you decide to purchase a modular home, there are so many choices to make. Which way your stairs face, where your front door goes, and which types of ceilings you want in your home are all part of the harried business of designing the modular home you want. In fact, you may not have considered what comes next once your modular home is fully constructed. Here are the next steps to completing your modular home:

Hiring a Manufactured Home Setup Service in Your Province

If the modular home manufacturer does not provide the setup service after your home has been loaded on trucks and shipped to your land, then you will need to hire a manufactured home setup service. This is a special business that helps customers like yourself get all of the modules, or sections, of your home together, properly fastened and sealed. These particular companies are frequently subcontracted out by modular home builders, so even if your builder does not have a setup crew, there are probably some contractors in the area that provide this service.

Accepting Delivery

Once your setup crew is present and ready, you can accept delivery of your home's sections. The delivery trucks will drop the completed sections on your property near your build site. Then the setup crew uses cranes to get each section of your home into position.

Placing, Supporting, Bracing and Securing

If you place your home over a previously created sub-level foundation, then each section of the house will need support posts from the basement floor up to the floor support beams of your house before the hoist cables can be removed. Then this section of the house is secured to these sub-level posts before another section of your house is moved into position. If you install your home over a slab foundation, then each section is moved into position and gently dropped onto the slab (like puzzle blocks). Braces may be applied to the outside of the house's walls to keep them upright and slightly tilted inward to help with the final steps.

Wherever two walls or roof sections are meant to meet, your modular setup crew will secure these areas together with nails, screws, plaster, wood joiners and drywall. With the "fill-ins" for these joined areas in place, they receive a final coat of plaster and paint for the walls and ceiling and a complete shingled roof for the roof. The siding may be the last step, since it hides the areas where the house comes together as a module. Visit for more information.