How The Cold Affects Your Garage And What To Do About It

With the colder seasons rapidly approaching, you might find yourself being glad your garage is there more than other times of the year. Indeed, in those cold, cold winter months the garage helps protect your car from freezing up and also provides a comfortable way to get into your vehicle. Yet, while you and your vehicle might be safe from the elements, chances are your garage door might not be so lucky. So, here are some common problems that happen and cold weather and what you can do about it.

Cold Weather Can Harm Your Doors Ability To Move

As anyone who has a car knows, freezing temperatures and metal do not mix very well. The same is true for your garage door, which can be disastrous for you when you consider that the moving parts of a garage door are all made of metal. When metal gets cold, it contracts, which may cause your tracks to become unaligned which may inhibit your door's ability to open and close. 

This becomes aggravated, when you consider that most metal parts are lubricated quite well to allow ease of movement. This can be bad for you, since the cold weather will often cause the lubricants to grow thicker and eventually harden and essentially locking your door into place. With a service call however, you can fix any worn out parts and get lubrication that's less susceptible to the cold put in place to keep your door working well. 

Your Door Doesn't Have Sufficient Insulation

Protecting the parts from the cold would obviously be the best preventative step to the previous problem. If the parts aren't adequately protected, then poor door insulation is probably to blame. Luckily, if the insulation is compromised, you'll know it right away, since the inside of your garage will most likely display telling signs. The most obvious of which would be ice accumulating in the garage. 

So, if your door isn't up to snuff, then getting it replaced with a reinforced variant might go a long way to reduce the chances of the cold weather from taking its toll on the delicate metal parts inside. A reinforced garage door will also help ensure that you can spend time in your garage on even the coldest of days should it be a workshop or storage space in your home.

In short, if your garage door seems to start to fail every time cold weather rolls around, there are probably repairs that need to be made as soon as possible, from garage door repair professionals.