Give the Parking Lot New Life with Paving Sealer

When you're investing in a commercial development, one of the things you need to assess is the condition of the parking areas and the roadways. With a quality sealcoating treatment over the pavement you can preserve the asphalt condition and keep it looking good without having to invest the money in a full paving project. Here are a few options you can consider for your sealcoating process.

  • Sand sealing – Sand sealing uses a layer of an asphalt emulsion spread over the surface of the existing pavement. Once that emulsion is spread evenly, a layer of sand is scattered across the top in a smooth layer. That sand is compacted into the emulsion with a roller before the mixture cools, sealing it in. This works well for pavement that has surface cracks and minor damage, because the emulsion and sand settle into the cracks and create a flawless finish. And the sand is ideal for creating traction on the asphalt, which can help keep customers from slipping and getting injured.
  • Fog sealing – Fog sealing uses a diluted emulsion material, covering the whole area with a thin layer. This is an ideal treatment choice for asphalt surfaces that have dings and surface flaws, because the thin emulsion product can fill those holes more easily than a thick material. It's also good for waterproofing, because it spreads easily and creates an even layer. Just keep in mind that the thin application means you need to treat the whole area every one to two years to protect it. Don't use fog sealing if the asphalt is smooth. Since it goes on so thin and smooth, it may create slippery pavement that can pose a safety hazard. If you want to use fog sealing anyway, add some gravel chips or something similar across the top before the top layer of sealant cures. This will create a bit of texture in an otherwise smooth surface coating.

These are two of the most common choices for asphalt seal coating. The right one for your parking area may vary based on what you're trying to achieve, so work with a paving contractor who can evaluate the space, the condition of the existing pavement and the risk and rewards of each material. Once the space is sealed, you'll also need to have the stripes repainted. The striping is essential, because it clearly defines the boundaries of the parking area and simplifies the parking process for your customers. For assistance, talk to a professional like Rubydale Asphalt Works Ltd.