How To Paint An Abstract Design On Your Walls

When you are painting the inside of your house, you are going to want to make sure that it reflects your style and personality. One way to do this is to paint your walls with abstract designs that are primarily made out of straight lines. This is an excellent do-it-yourself project because it only requires painting tools and painters tape in order for your walls to look amazing. Follow these steps to create a cool, abstract design on your wall.

1. Pick Out the Paint

The first step is to choose two different colors of paint. One will be for the background color, and the other will be for the color of the lines that you are going to put on top of the background color. You will want to make sure that these colors match the furniture in the room that needs to be painted, and also that the two colors of paint complement each other. If you need to, ask  paint store, like Steeles Paint & Decorating Ltd, to give you paint samples so you can see what will work best with your furniture.

Try to choose a lighter color for the background color of your wall and a darker color to go on top of it because this will mean that you will have fewer layers to paint.

2. Remove Any Old Paint and Prime the Walls

Scrape off any old paint and apply a primer to your walls in order to get them ready to paint.

3. Paint the Base Coat of the Background Color

Paint all of your walls the base coat of the background color. Make sure that the walls are entirely painted. If you are worried about this part taking too much time, hire professional interior painters.

4. Use Painters' Tape to Create Your Design

Take painters' tape and begin laying it randomly all over your walls. Keep the lines straight, but allow them to slant at whatever angle you find visually appealing.

5. Lay the Second Line of the Tape

Next, for every line of tape that you laid down, lay another line of tape parallel to it approximately one inch away from the tape. These will be the outlines of your lines that make up the design.

6. Paint Between the Tape

Next, you are going to want to paint in between each of the tape lines that you have created so that one single line is painted. Wait until the paint dries, and then remove the tape. If you had any overlapping paint, take a small paintbrush and fill in these areas. Step back, and admire your design!