Tips To Ensure Your Fire Doors Work When They Are Needed

Fires have the potential to cause major property damage and the loss of life. Not surprisingly, building codes mandate the installation of fire protections in many types of building. In particular, fire doors are a common requirement for large commercial or residential buildings. While these doors can be vital for slowing the progress of a fire through the building, many people do not fully understand the maintenance these systems require, but following these two tips can help you avoid an ill-timed mechanical failure. 

Have The Fire Doors Tested Weekly

One of the most basic and essential tasks to door is the weekly test of the doors. Over time, it is possible for dust and other debris to clog the mechanical joints of the system if it is not used for an extended period of time. However, you can avoid this problem by simply using the mechanical system to open and close the door at least once a week. 

In addition to reducing dust accumulations, these tests also provide you with an opportunity to ensure there is enough lubricant on the door. If you notice any grinding sounds, you may want to consider adding more lubricant to the door. Without adequate lubrication, the door may be unable to close in the intense heat of a nearby fire. 

Avoid Painting The Hinges Or Heat-Activated Components Of The Door

Another common mistake that some people make is to paint the mechanical and heat-activated portions of the door. The paints most people use on doors is strong enough to prevent the mechanical parts from moving, and it can cause the heat sensors to fail to read the presence of a dangerous fire until it is too late. 

To avoid these problems, you should carefully consult the owner's manual to determine which parts of the door can safely be painted. This is usually included in the maintenance section of the manual, but if you no longer have this document or have doubts, you should avoid painting any moving parts of the door, and you should avoid painting the heat sensors. These sensors are usually close to the top of the door, and they will usually be slightly raised areas or have a different texture than the rest of the door. 

Fire doors can be one of the most effective ways of stopping a blaze from ravaging your building and taking lives. However, these doors require some preventative maintenance to ensure that they function correctly in the event of a fire. By testing the door on a weekly basis and avoiding painting critical components of the door, you can help ensure your system avoids some routine causes of failure. Be sure to contact professionals, such as those from All Kind Door Services Ltd, for further assistance.