3 Questions About Utilizing Mini-Split Heat Pumps in Apartment Buildings

As the owner of an apartment complex, large or small, you can ensure that your tenants have the most efficient heating and cooling options available in their living space. Mini-split heat pumps are an efficient heating solution for small spaces and are easy to install. Therefore, they make a logical choice for an apartment building. If you are considering making this transition in your rental units, you most likely have a few questions and concerns. Here are a few of the most common questions about utilizing mini-split heat pumps in an apartment building. 

How easy is it to install the system in every unit?

Mini-split heat pumps do not need a lot of space for operation. They are small in size and need only one ventilation point to provide heat to a small space, like an apartment. Ductwork is not a requirement with this heat pump type as it efficiently funnels warm air through the home, without the need for carry through air systems. Heating contractors can usually complete an install in a short amount of time because of this fact.

How exactly does the system work?

The reason that the heat pump is so efficient is it pulls warm air from the outdoors and pushes it in, while at the same time removing cool air from the inner space and pushing it out. This continuous cycle is accomplished without the use of gas or electric heated coils. Therefore, it does not take as much energy to provide a sufficient amount of heat to a small space.

Why should the system's efficiency matter to landlords?

If utility costs are included in total lease payments, you can save yourself a lot of money and leave more room for profit. On the flip side, if your tenants are responsible for their own heating and cooling expenses, making sure they are not overpaying will only make it easier for them to afford rental charges every month and the attention to efficiency will be appreciated. It could also be a selling point for potential tenants. Therefore, the efficiency of the mini-split system is an important aspect to consider.

Providing an ample heat source to the residents who live in your apartment units is important, but making sure the source you install is efficient is crucial. Talk to a heating contractor such as Best Way Heating Inc in your area about any questions and concerns you have about the mini-split heat pump.