Two Tips To Get The Most From Your Community's Fire Hydrants

Fires have the potential to cause widespread damage if they are not quickly contained. To this end, most communities and homeowners' associations install fire hydrants at strategic locations. Unfortunately, these hydrants can be extremely expensive to buy, and many small organizations and communities may struggle to make these purchases. Luckily, there are a couple of tips you can follow to ensure your organization is able to get the most from this safety investment. 

Test The Valve After Every Painting

Most communities do not want bare fire hydrants stationed throughout the community. As a result, it is not uncommon for these hydrants to be painted. While painting can improve the aesthetics of the hydrants and make them easier to spot, it can cause some problems if it is not done correctly. Mainly, it is possible for the paint to jam the valve that releases water from the hydrant. 

Due to this threat, you should make sure that any recently painted hydrants are tested as soon as the paint has dried. During this test, the primary valve should be released to verify that the hydrant is functional. If the technician is unable to release the valve, the paint that is sealing the valve shut will need to be scraped away to restore functionality. 

Consider Upgrading To Ductile Iron Hydrants

There are a couple of different types of metal that can be used to create a fire hydrant. Most often, cast iron is used for this task because it is both durable and extremely affordable. However, this type of metal can still start to wear down when it is exposed to the elements for a prolonged period of time. 

Yet, ductile iron has recently been introduced to the fire hydrant market, and it presents a couple of major benefits over conventional cast iron. First, ductile iron is far more resistant to corrosion, cracking and other forms of weathering. In addition to this benefit, ductile iron is also far more resistant to impact damage. This is due to the fact that it is more likely to bend when it is struck, and while this may lead to a visible deformity in the hydrant, it will be less likely to prevent its operation. 

Fire hydrants can be a major investment in your community, but they can be essential for stopping fires from rampaging through the community. By testing the hydrants, like those at Terminal City Iron Works Ltd., after every painting and purchasing ductile iron hydrants, you can help ensure your organization and community gets the most from its fire hydrants.